Social Event Photography

Social Event Photography Specialists!

We are specialist event photographers and have years of experience of working with large and diverse groups of people and covering many different types of events ranging from both large to small events.

We cover all types of events

We will cover all types of events including corporate events, charity events, launch parties, PR events, dinners, balls, dances, anniversaries, sports, and any other social event a photographer may be required for!

We know every event is different and has it own mood and character, and so every event receives its own unique treatment from our team.

With our experienced event photographers we will capture the essence, uniqueness and the character of the event itself. Whether it is fun and relaxed, professional and discrete or high energy or more formal, our experienced event photography team can survey the mood and capture it for your event.

You will find us friendly, approachable and easy to get on with, and we will make your guests feel at ease and they will enjoy talking with us as we take their photographs. You will find us prepared to travel to your event anywhere in the United Kingdom and even internationally.

Onsite Studio with Printing at your Event

At all of our events we can offer an onsite studio which allows your guests to have a photograph from the event and an opportunity for you to have a special message or logo on the photograph.

This is a very popular option as it allows your guests to have a personal memento of the event which they will long cherish, which is practical and unique. We also have other options which will both enhance the event and make it more memorable for your guests – such as receiving photos by email for instant sharing or uploading the photos to your Facebook page.

We like to move with the times and you will find that we may be able to offer you ideas that you may not be aware of, or even thought about!

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