Instant Photography Services

Instant Printing

An exciting and fun add-on to your events to keep guests entertained. Deliver hardcopies of photos taken into the hands of your guests instantly, complete with customized artwork overlay.


Spread the word of your event on social media. Get newly tagged Instagram photos printed out in real-time at your events automatically. Everyone is now a photographer!


Engage everyone at your event. Make your events more interactive and allow your guest to have a say during your events. SMS messages appear on the screen in real-time.

Digital Guestbook

Let everyone pen down the well wishes and greetings during your events. Signing off with digital ink besides your photo makes guestbook signing a more fun and memorable experience.

Mobile Studio

Capture great photos anywhere. We bring studio photography right to you, complete with studio lightings, backdrop and even props to add more fun to studio photography.


Experience hollywood style effects. Change the background of your photos to whatever you want to suit your event theme. Multiple backgrounds allows you to be at multiple places at the same time!