Green Screen Photography

Green Screen PhotographyExperience hollywood style effects. Change the background of your photos to whatever you want to suit your event theme. Multiple backgrounds allows you to be at multiple places at the same time!

Green Screen Photography a strong crowd puller.

Creates hype at your events by allowing guest to experience the rare opportunity of green screen photography.

Smart background removal.

Our in-house software will be able to differentiate shades of green to ensure high quality, fast and accurate removal.

No studio lighting required.

Maximizes space by doing away with additional lighting usually required for greenscreen photography.

Supports complex composition.

Multiple layers of complex composition supported to create any possible scenarios

Green Screen Photography, or Chroma Key photography, is an amazing process which allows you and your guests to be photographed with literally any background. Green Screen is a great option for any special event or trade show. Trade Show Booths or special business events with Green Screen Photography rental as entertainment have been known to attract more potential clients. The potential customer leaves with a photo that will make YOUR BUSINESS more memorable!!

Here’s how it works.

You and your guests stand or sit in front of a Chroma green colored background and pose for the camera. Then just sit back and let technology take over. All of the green in the background is replaced with a digital photo or custom background of your choice.

There are thousands of backgrounds to choose from, or you can even supply one of your own. In this way, you can be “photographed” in the mountains, on the beach, underwater, next to your favorite celebrity, on a magazine cover, or almost anywhere else you can imagine. The possibilities are endless with Green Screen photography.

The pictures are ready in just a few minutes and are printed on professional quality photo paper using our state-of-the-art dye sublimation photo printer and digital photography equipment. Your unique green screen photos will not fade or smudge and will last a lifetime.

So if you are looking for something truly unique as a keepsake for your guests? Consider Green Screen Photography for your next special event. The Green Screen Photography Event are shot on extra-large green screen background with our professional studio lighting and photography equipment. Green Screen Photography is a great option for very large corporate events or weddings because we can accommodate a large number of guests per hour.