Event Portraits

We can set up an onsite photographic studio to provide event portraits with printing at your event!

Why have an event photobooth when you can have a professional photographer taking your event portraits providing instant event photos with more flexibility and options for the same price?

Event Portraits for your guests

If you have an event and want to offer that little bit extra to your guests, something that will make them smile, have fun and then go away with a beautiful professional event portrait of themselves and their family, then one of our onsite event photography studios with instant event photos is the answer.

We will set up the onsite photo studio at your event where you guests can come and ask us what we are doing then have their event portrait taken. We will be unobtrusive, professional and happy to chat to your guests.

What types of events suit event portraits and an onsite photo studio?? All events with guests!

We have numerous backgrounds that we can setup which will complement your event and which will appeal to your guests.

Is there a catch? The only proviso is that in order to have the on site studio for event portraits for free there needs to be a minimum number of guests at the event. This is so that we have sufficient guests available to purchase our photographs of course! If this is an issue we can discuss it with you.

There are also two options – your guests can purchase their own event portraits for only £10 for a professionally taken and beautifully presented photograph inside a mount.

If you are feeling generous then you can also pay for an unlimited amount of instant event portraits to be provided for FREE to your guests. You could then add a message or a logo so the photograph acts as a memento or souvenir. Our inclusive prices for this option will be tailored for your needs and you will find them to be excellent.

The all inclusive event portraits option is very popular at many events. For example at wedding receptions where the couple would like their guests to receive an event portrait with a special message. It is also popular with companies promoting their brand and products, by giving away event portraits as a marketing tool with their logo or brand.

Finally we only use the latest professional printers, not inkjets, which will produce lab quality results in less then 6 seconds. We also have extra options to suit every budget, event and requirement which we can discuss with you.

Contact us here to find out how you can book your onsite event photography studio for event portraits with instant photo printing!