Event Photography Options

General event photography services at your function!

We will move seamlessly throughout your event taking photographs, ensuring that any special instructions are catered for such as photographs of special guests. We will also take photographs of any formal moments such as speeches, award ceremonies, dances etc. The final photographs will be delivered in an agreed format.

Onsite Studio with Instant Photo Printing!

We will set up a printing station in an unobtrusive location to instantly print out any photographs that are required of the event there and then. These photographs can be given to guests as a memento of the night and can be used for marketing, with branding and logos on the photograph. These photographs are printed using high quality dye sublimation printers and each photo can be printed in as little as 8 seconds! This can also be setup with a portable studio with professional lighting.

Photo View Stations!

We can set up touchscreen photo viewstations where guests/attendees can select and choose any photographs that have been taken of them for purchase. The typical price is £10 per photo or three photographs for £25. The number of viewstations we will typically setup can range from two to ten depending on space.

‘Green Screen’ Photography!

We will setup a portable background on which photos of guests or attendees will be taken against a green background. The background can then be changed for many different ones, which allows for a number of amusing scenarios and effects. In addition these photos can be branded with your logo and message for marketing purposes. The types of backgrounds and effects is limited purely by your imagination.

Photo Branding!

Any of the photographs of the event we take can be printed with a logo or message though our photographic software and printing facilities onsite, and we can produce a template for you before the event. A guest can receive their photo with your branding so that they will remember the event, product launch or function long after it is over.

Facebook Uploads!

Have all the photographs of the event being uploaded to Facebook as they are being taken! Create masses of traffic to your site during the event itself! We can upload the photographs as they are being taken in near real time, depending of course on the location of the event and suitable mobile signals being achievable.

Photos by Email!

As photos are being taken and printed we can also email a copy of the photo to the guest at the same time, or even just email them the photo instead of printing – the choice is yours. This is in real time but depends on the strength of network and mobile signals in the event location.

Wireless Photo Transmitting!

We have the latest wireless transmission equipment to allow photographs to be wirelessly sent to our photographic station for printing and viewing, the distance of this can be up to 2km depending on surroundings and location!

Portable Power and Outdoor Events!

Combined with our wireless transmission of photographs over large distances, portable power generators and portable lighting equipment we can setup in many remote locations for photography to cover numerous outdoor events, with onsite printing and viewstations also being available!

Website and Gallery Uploads!

We can upload photographs to our website and also to galleries for download at a later date as required. Further photographs can be purchased but they will cost more than on the day due to P&P costs.